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Where can I see your bathroom furniture?
We have showrooms in Stockholm and Oslo, to which you are warmly welcome!

Which Ikea series should I base my plans on when I build my Superfront bathroom furniture?
We have chosen to build our bathroom range around Ikea's kitchen base cabinets Metod.

Why have you chosen to build your bathroom vanities around Ikea's Metod series and not the Godmorgon series?
Metod offers a range of sizes to work from, which means we can offer more vanities  based on Metod rather than Godmorgon. Another reason is that Ikea's Godmorgon series cannot be purchased without a drawer/front. For those of our customers who plan to invest in completely new bathroom furniture, this would imply an indirect request to discard a new door, and that's not sustainable.

In what sizes are vanities available?
Our vanities are available in 40, 60, 80 and 120 cm widths and all have a depth of 40 cm. The height from floor including the top is always 79 cm. The total height, including our wash basin placed above the top, is 91 cm if you measure up to the wash basin’s edge. The height of the base cabinet is either 40 or 60 cm depending on your storage needs. Match 37 cm high legs with a 40 cm high base cabinet or 17 cm high legs with a 60 cm base cabinet. Tops are 2 cm high.

What is the total height of the bathroom vanity unit?
The height at the top on our vanities is always 79 cm. The total height, including our wash basin placed on the top, is 91 cm if you measure up to the wash basin’s edge. 

What do I need to buy to get a complete bathroom vanity unit?
From Superfront buy fronts, sides, top, wash basin, mixer taps, handles and legs. From Ikea, buy your Metod base cabinet with drawers or alternatively hinges. We also recommend that all our bathroom customers buy the suspension rail for Metod wall cabinets at Ikea because it offers a more secure and better installation of the bathroom vanity.

Do I need to add something myself when I buy a bathroom vanity from Superfront?
Connector for the mixer tap, water trap and strainer are included. Depending on how your bathroom looks, you may need to supplement with pipe connections. This is something your licensed plumber will help you with. 

Should I buy base cabinets and furnishings myself at Ikea?
Yes, you purchase all Ikea products at Ikea, either in a store or via their web shop

Can I purchase Ikea products through you?
No, you purchase all Ikea products at Ikea, either in a store or via their web shop.

I need special dimensions for my bathroom furniture, do you do that?
No we do not. But you can build a wider vanity than 120 cm if you special order a stone top from a stone supplier. Other products you can order from us. 

Do I need to drill into the bathroom furniture for water and sewage?
Yes. Since our bathroom series is based on Ikea Metod wall cabinets, adaptations for wash basins need to be made. But you can rest easy - installation and drilling descriptions are included with the wash basin.

How much room is there for pipes and water trap?
The distance between the wall and the drawer, if you selected drawer in your bathroom vanity, is 55 mm.

Do the Metod cabinets tolerate the humid bathroom environment?
Currently, Ikea recommends Metod cabinets for kitchens and laundry rooms. However, we can tell you that Metod cabinets are made of exactly the same  kind of material as the majority of bathroom cabinets on the market. Our sides for bathroom vanities are made in a more humidity resistant MDF than our other sides, something we do to make our vanities more durable than most bathroom vanities on the market. Yet, all bathroom vanities should be placed a sufficient distance from both the shower and bath to prevent water from splashing onto the furniture. If this happens, wipe dry immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

If you follow our simple care instructions for your vanity as well as the directives we set for installation, your vanity will have exactly the same standard as the majority of bathroom vanities on the market.

What is the delivery time if you only order a mixer tap or a wash basin from you?
The delivery time for mixer taps is 7-10 days and wash basins is 7-8 weeks.