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  • Fronts: Illusion
    Colour: Pale lilac
    Leg: Plinth Brass
    Handles: Circus Brass

    Fronts: Big fish
    Colour: Grannie pink
    Legs: Captains Copper
    Handles: Balls Copper

    Ikea cabinet: Bestå

  • Fronts 60x64 MARAIS super white SEK 965 / EUR 109.45
    Handle HOLY WAFER brass SEK 145 / EUR 15.95
    Sides 64x40 super white SEK 495 / EUR 54.45
    Top for two sides 60x40 superwhite SEK 495 / EUR 54.45

    Ikea cabinet BESTÅ

  • Fronts 50x201 MARAIS super white SEK2.295 / EUR265.95
    Handles HOLY WAFER brass SEK145 / EUR15.95

    Ikea cabinets PAX wardrobe

  • Front 60x64 NO PATTERN Fake coral red SEK795 / EUR87.45
    Handle LOOP Nude leather SEK145 / EUR15.95
    Top for two sides 60x64 Fake coral red SEK495 / EUR54.45
    Sides 64x40 Fake coral red SEK495 / EUR54.45
    Leg PLINTH
    Ikea cabinet BES

  • Fronts ILLUSION & NO PATTERN Aerugo Green
    Handles BALLS Green marble SEK245 / EUR26.95
    Sides 62x80 SEK795 / EUR87.45
    Ikea cabinet METOD

  • Front 60x38 GOLDEN big blue SEK745 / EUR81.95
    Sides 38x40 big blue SEK395 / EUR43.45
    Top for two sides 120x40 big blue SEK695 / EUR76.45
    Legs CLEAN LEAN big blue SEK125 / EUR13.75
    Handles PUSH OPEN
    Ikea cabinet BESTÅ

  • Legs CAPTAIN Grannie pink copper SEK245 / EUR26.95
    Front 60x64 BIG FISH Grannie pink SEK995 / EUR109.45
    Sides 64x40 Grannie pink SEK495 / EUR54.45
    Ikea cabinet BESTÅ

  • Fronts 60x64 BLOCKS Aerugo green SEK995 / EUR109.45
    Sides 64x40 Aerugo green SEK495 / EUR 54.45
    Top for two sides 120x40 Aerugo green SEK695 / EUR 76.45
    Handles PUSH OPEN SEK65 / EUR7.15
    Legs PLINTH Bottle green
    Ikea cabinet BE

  • Fronts 60x128 NO PATTERN Grannie pink SEK1795 / EUR186.45
    Sides 128x40 Grannie pink SEK695 / EUR76.45
    Handles BALLS Fake coral red SEK245 / EUR 26.95
    Legs BIG BALLS Fake coral red SEK175 / EUR19.25

    Ikea cabinet BESTÅ

  • Fronts 60x128 ILLUSION Pale lilac SEK1.595 / EUR175.45
    Handles CIRCUS Brass SEK195 / EUR21.45
    Top for two sides 120x40 Pale lilac SEK695 / EUR
    Sides 128x40 Pale lilac SEK695 / EUR76.45
    Leg PLINTH Brass SEK945 / EUR103.95
    Ikea ca

  • Fronts 60x64 NO PATTERN Lime pie yellow SEK795 / EUR
    Handles BUTTERFLY Brass SEK245 / EUR87.45
    Leg PLINTH Lime pie yellow

    Ikea cabinet BESTÅ

  • Handle BALLS Brass 245 SEK / 30 EUR
    Front BIG FISH Granny pink

  • Handle CIRCUS Brass 245 SEK / 21.45 EUR