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Here you will find all the products that you can use to create a vanity
unit built around Ikea’s cabinet series called Metod.

The bench top height of our vanity units is always 79 cm. The total
height, including our washbasin placed above the bench top, is 91 cm.
All the units are 40 cm in depth and you can choose between widths of
40, 60, 80 or 120. The 120 cm units are built from two wall cabinets,
all other formats need only one wall cabinet.

The wall cabinet frame height is either 40 or 60 cm depending on your
storage requirements and whether you choose 17 or 37cm high legs.
Naturally, you can wall-hang your vanity unit. The Metod wall cabinets
must always be fixed to the wall in accordance with Ikea’s safety
regulations. This also applies when you fix legs to the cabinet.

Note! If you want to have a 20 cm high drawer front at the top of your
commode - it must be mounted on Ikeas Maximera drawer Low to make
place for water trap and pipes. The 10 cm high drawer can not be used
at the top of your commode.

The vanity unit in the picture is 80 cm wide. The legs are 17 cm high.
The drawer fronts are 20 and 40 cm high. The Ikea frame is 60 cm high.