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  • Create your unique Kitchen, Bathroom or Storage unit
    by adding our fronts, handles and legs to the Ikea cabinets.

  • NEWS!

    With three new handles, we now launch
    our collaboration with
    The Swedish Contemporary Silver Foundation
    and the silversmith Glenn Roll.

  • Handles & Legs
    also suitable for other
    cabinets than Ikea's.

  • Endless combinations.
    Unique bathrooms.

  • Unlimited variations.
    Endless personalization.

  • Designed by Superfront.
    Made in Sweden.

  • Classic patterns.
    Timeless colours.

  • Exclusive materials such as brass,
    copper, marble, birch and leather.

  • Endless formats.
    Thousands of variations.

  • NAKED.

    Raw natural MDF
    with a transparent
    matte varnish.

  • Contact us at info@superfront.com
    if you need a helping hand.